The cigar industry needs a revolution. We got tired of waiting.

Viva Republica is the realization of a dream — after building Northeastern Pennsylvania’s largest retail store and successfully launching a marvelous 6,000 square foot cigar bar and grille, forever changing the cigar world in this sleepy countryside, the Smokemaster General decided to take on an even bigger challenge: Revolutionize the industry at-large by teaming up with the Dominican Republic’s oldest factory, La Aurora.

We will only create cigars that I would repeatedly smoke to scary – nearly “fingerburning” lengths. The massive library of aged tobaccos at La Aurora coupled with the amazing blending knowledge of Guillermo Leon give me the opportunity to construct things I’ve only dreamed of…I’m ready to change this industry.

Strength AND flavor. Two inseparable dimensions of boutique cigars

The trend of strong, “knock-you-on-your-ass” cigars is growing – I admit that I like the occasional raw power of an unbalanced stick — but our concept is that you need to have serious flavor, regardless of the strength profile of the cigar. We have been creating prototypes using methods of rolling that have never been used before and blending tobaccos that through aging have become more balanced than some of the mass produced products you will find at your local shop. Our core belief is that we will never sacrifice flavor for strength.

Fighting to keep the government’s hands out of our humidors

Our industry has become united in the face of the threat of the unnecessary and regressive measures by the United State government to tax and regulate our chosen lifestyles. Viva Republica will join this fight with vigor and use a portion of all proceeds to the Cigar Rights of America and other organizations that support our right to enjoy premium handmade cigars.

Field Generals Wanted – Apply today

Unlike some of the bigger manufacturers — we feel that average cigar smokers are the best marketing tool to spread the word about our unique brand. Our commissioned field generals will be on the inside of the operation. They will smoke pre-releases and prototypes, visit their local stores and help spread the word about Viva Republica. This is a job for those who are passionate about cigars and want to be a part of a new brand from Day 1.

Click here to apply for a Field General commission.